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Police Marching Towards Protesters in Cairo Demonstrations Tiananmen-like courage in Cairo Egypt Revolution anti-Mubarak protests in Cairo
Syrian protester killed First person footage of Japanese Tsunami Footage of the Tunisian revolution
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Sell, License, & Syndicate

Total control over your content, licensing, & distribution.

The system is designed with real-time transactions in mind. Upload, set license & pricing, set distribution and collect revenues. Sell globally or locally.

Share, Send, Collaborate

Securely receive or deliver video and multimedia in real time to anyone in or out of your system.

Manage rights & licenses. Track views & downloads. Standardize formats & submission criteria.

Transcode, Store,
& Deliver

On-demand enterprise transcoding to and from every major media format.

Real time distribution of both transcoded and original source files of any size or type. Blazing fast speeds, scalable, reliable, & secure.

Manage Partners & Contributors

Organize incoming content from thousands of partners, contributors, and affiliates.

Syndicate around the world with a click. Collect and deliver original files at high speed. Get notified of submissions in real-time.

Integrate &

Seamlessly connect to your partners, contributors and affiliates.

Connect different systems together via FTP or APIs. Automatically ingest and output content, metadata, and licensing.

On-Demand Scalable Cloud

Unlimited secure cloud-based storage with as much capacity as you require.

Unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited capacity, worldwide CDNs. Everything on-demand. Only pay for what you use.

Lower costs, Increase revenues

Reduce technology & personnel costs by automating import and export between you and your partners.

Sell more content through simple distribution and transaction tools – revenue straight to the bottom line.

Advanced Enterprise Offerings

Enterprise level integrations.

For Enterprise users with advanced needs, we offer high-speed file delivery service Aspera, content distribution networks like Akamai, transcoding systems like Rhozet, as well as system integration with media asset management systems like BlueOrder.

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